Fertilizing Timothy Hay

Fertilizing Hay Fields in April

Alfalfa being cut

Alfalfa Being Cut

Tedding Timothy Hay July 6/05

Cutting and Conditioning Alfalfa

Cutting and Conditioning Alfalfa

Cutting Alfalfa

IH 3788 2+2 Tractor & JD 945 MoCo Cutting 1st Cut Alfalfa

Inverting Windrows

Inverting Windrows -- Versatile 256 Tractor & NH 166 Inverter

Doubling Up Windrows

Doubling Up Windrows -- Volvo Tractor and Italian Rake


Bailing Alfalfa

Baling 1st Cut Alfalfa -- 7510 JD Tractor & 567 JD Baler

Baling Oat Straw Nov. 22 '05

Bailing Timothy Hay

Bailing Timothy Hay for Export near Kuusamo Elevator

Bailing Timothy Hay

Baling Timothy Hay at Sunset

Bales lined up in field

Shortly After Baling -- Bales are Lined up in Field

Self-unloading Truck Hauls 33 Bales

Puuting bales where the customer wants them

Putting Bales where the Customer Wants Them

Delivering Timothy Hay - Truck Unloaded

Truck Unloaded -- Bales Neatly Placed Where Customer Wants Them

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